Insulation - Thermal / Acoustic

Thermal / Acoustic Insulation


AS Insulation and Tinsmithing Ltd. specializes in thermal insulation work:

  • Industrial piping insulation at high and low temperatures.
  • Insulation for all types of equipment
  • Insulation in clean rooms.


The company also specializes in conducting acoustic insulation:



  • Providing professional consulting and planning accompanied by qualified acoustics engineers.
  • Manufacture of silence coverings and silencers of all kinds according to customer specifications.
  • Construction of acoustic rooms and acoustic partitions for all needs.


The company has at its disposal experienced teams to carry out all the insulation work, with all the scope and intensity required.


The Company uses only insulation material approved by the Standards Institute.


We have the best employees and engineers in the field, and you can also order any kind of work including detailed planning - To get in touch, click here