AS Insulation and Tinsmithing Ltd was established in 1982 as a contracting company for the performance of insulation works and tinsmithing for all types of infrastructure

Since then, the company has specialized in the production of insulation systems for the petrochemical industry, welding for all infrastructures in European and American standards, and the establishment of power stations (private and governmental) in various capacities in Israel and worldwide by "key" method

In addition, as part of the natural gas revolution in the country, the company was one of the leading companies in the establishment of various cogeneration stations and in the conversion of gas to plants in all industrial areas in the country

In recent years the company has been involved in humanitarian water projects in Africa


AS Insulation and Tinsmithing Ltd. is ISO9001 approved by the Israeli Standards Institute and ISO3834 European Welding Standard.


The company's team has engineers and consultants for every purpose - acoustic and thermal insulation, construction, detailing, and more


The company's vision is to continue to serve the Israeli and global economy in safety and quality work in the various fields

While providing sustainable solutions for green and cost-effective construction and energy consumption